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Re: Who was "Willie Whistle" ?

On Sat, 14 Mar 1998, PETER GEORGE, N1GGP wrote:

>      Reliable sources (who will stay nameless) told me that it was a man
> named Dick Beach.  He has since retired and enjoying the sun in F-L-A.
> Word has it that he, in addition to his "Willie" duties, had a high
> position at WSBK for many years.  BTW: Willie Whistle debuted on the
> days of WIHS-TV (now WSBK) in 1966.  I drew a picture of Willie at age
> 6 and was excited to see it on the air !! What memories.  

I'd like to know how he managed to talk in that whistle.  I only saw him
once or twice, briefly, on TV, but one day, circa 1971, I was walking
along Tremont Street as he passed by, in costume, with some people around
him.  He said "Hi, How'rya doin'" to me and seemed quite amused by my
double-take.  So I don't know how he produced the effect, but it certainly
wasn't dubbed. 

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