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Re: Re: Portsmouth Radio

>Hopper writes,
>In fact the purchase of WSPR by Fisher in 1977 led to my first full time
>gig.  Around October 77 they moved some of the staff from WFTN, Franklin down
>to Springfield leaving on air openings.  One of the jocks leaving was another
>former Grahm student, Tom Pagnotti.  I moved to Franklin from my part time
>at 3WD Schenectady to nights at WFTN.  My 66 Dark Blue VW Bug lasted one 

>Today WFTN is CHR and still runs Paul Harvey thrice a day.

That is WFTN-FM, WFTN(1240 am) simulcasts WSCY(106.9).
Where can you hear Chumbawamba, Pearl Jam, Puff Daddy & Smash Mouth after Paul
Harvey?<g>  Believe me though, people tune in to hear Paul.  A few times when
our ABC satellite went down, or ABC would screw up the feed, the phone would
ring continuously for the next 20 minutes demanding to know where Paul Harvey

Gary Ford