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Re: Erols v. Listserv

Bill O'Neill said:

>I just got email from my ISP, Erols, that as of 3/20, they won't let relayed
>messages go through (messages not sent to an @erols.com customer.)  I assume
>this means I need to either get another ISP or say seeya?  Any insights on
>this, and is this a trend on the horizon by ISPs?  Please advise.
>Thanks, Bill O'Neill

Messages from a listserv will reach you just fine @erols.com. However,
someone trying to use erols.com as a relay to send off multiple spam
messages will get a bounce. Spammers often use other peoples mailservers
to send out their crap.

I have mail relaying turned off in the rmkhome.com domain and I'm on 
many lists.

The other Rick Kelly.
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Rick Kelly  rmk@toad.rmkhome.com  rmk@rmkhome.com