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Re: LOW POWER FM, what a concept !!

There's been a very strong pirate at 96.1 around here for almost a year.
Plays everything from rap tp acid to you name it.  Has live announcers, runs
even 24 hours a day, and HAS COMMERCIALS!!

Mono, of course.  I can't believe nobody has reported it.

Personally, I believe microbroadcasters belong on a specific portion of the
band...not just anywhere.  I believe in microbroadcasters..but let them
become licensed!!
>The transmitters would have to be "type-approved" to insure stabilty and
>"cleanliness" of signal.  Like many ham-radio operators, it would be the
>duty of the micropowered industry to weed out the abusers, the ones who
>try to be "channel master" with high powered amps.  With so much to lose,
>the microbroadcaster would protect their modest initial investment for
>equipment and report the abusers to the Commission.  It think it's time
>for this service to go legit.  There's some great radio out there, waiting
>to be heard.
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