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LOW POWER FM, what a concept !!

     This is something that is much needed.  The EB/97.9 type of station,
serving a very local audience would become legitimate.  One watt at 50 feet
will serve a mile or so and will allow people to express themselves, without
bowing to commercial pressure.  I have heard many microbroadcasters over the
years.  Some were good, others...not-so-good.  But their local "feel" gave
it something special.  Let's face it.  The big money operators couldn't 
care less about serving the "public interest".  They are in it for the
"bottom line".  That's all right, it's a business.  But in a free society,
different voices must be heard.  IF the Commission were to allow for this
micropowered service, it would satisfy a mandate for free expression.  It
would not hurt any full-powered service because the power is so little and
the chance of any blanketing of a full-powered station would be unlikely.
The transmitters would have to be "type-approved" to insure stabilty and
"cleanliness" of signal.  Like many ham-radio operators, it would be the
duty of the micropowered industry to weed out the abusers, the ones who
try to be "channel master" with high powered amps.  With so much to lose,
the microbroadcaster would protect their modest initial investment for
equipment and report the abusers to the Commission.  It think it's time
for this service to go legit.  There's some great radio out there, waiting
to be heard.

- -Pete-

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