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Re: AM DX 3/13

At 07:25 PM 3/13/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>800 French. No sign of CKLW, which has been heard regularly
>>since The Ice Storm. Never heard a French language station
>>here before.
>Probably CJAD Montreal.  Can't receive them--or CKLW--here in Danbury, CT
>because of WLAD (250 watts ND night) on same frequency.
No, not CJAD. First off CJAD is one of Montral's English-language stations.
Secondly, CJAD is off the air on 800--probably until at least June. All four
of its 675' towers collapsed in the ice storm a few months ago. CJAD has
leased the facilities of the former CFMB 1410 (which had been dark after a
move to FM) and CKGM 990 and is simulcasting on both frequencies. Most
likely it was CHRC, Quebec City (if those are still the calls). I believe
CHRC is/was 50 kW DA-2.

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