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Re: WFEA's historic tower (Was Re: Wire vs. vertical antennas)

At 10:24 AM 3/13/98 -0400, you wrote:
>>Dan Strassberg wrote:
>>I don't know if they are still standing, don't know the height, and don't
>>know if the manufacturer was Blaw-Knox, but the station in Santa Cruz or
>>Salinas CA that used to use the calls KDON (on 1410, if memory serves) had
>>(if I recall correctly) _four_ such towers, of equal height, in an in-line
>        The current database info. for KDON, 1460, Salinas, Calif., is two
>towers of 104 degrees. It's 5 kW, DA-1. It has a CP for 10 kW, DA-1, 4
>towers of 141 degrees at a different site, indicating that the current
>towers are being replaced.
>        All the surviving Blaw-Knox towers in that list were roughly half
>wave, so I wonder whether these were another manufacturer, perhaps, but of
>similar design with that wider section in the middle. Did any other
>manufacturers build those, I wonder?
I guess my memory played tricks on me. The pattern certainly didn't look
like it needed four towers, but I remembered four. I don't think it was
another station, but I guess that's possible. The pattern I recall for
KDON's 5 kW operation is very similar to WEZE's--a very flattened cardioid,
probably even more flattened than WEZE's, actually somewhat pulled in along
the line of the towers to the east. Most of the signal went up and down the
coast. Such a pattern usually requires towers that are quite widely spaced.

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