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Re: Things are happening at WTOP AM and FM.....

>Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 07:06:14 -0800
>From: "Robert J. Carpenter" <rcarpen@erols.com>
>Reply-To: w3otc@amsat.org
>To: Dan Strassberg <dan.strassberg@worldnet.att.net>
>Subject: Re: Things are happening at WTOP AM and FM.....
>References: <19980313111652.AAB26176@LOCALNAME>
>Forward this, if you wish.
>No, No, the WTOP folks can't be so weird as to turn off the news on
>1500, I'm sure. With more than 25 years of all-news, and consistently
>the second or third-ranking AM in the area, WTOP would be stupid to try
>anything else. 
>The promotions I hear tell me that they are moving the FM side from 94.3
>(class A) Warrenton, VA, to the other Warrenton station, now called
>WUPP, 107.7 (class B).  That should get them a considerably better sig
>in the DC area.  
>A problem is that 107.7 is next to 107.9, WFSI Family Stations Inc, in
>Annapolis. WFSI's transmitter is only about 20 miles from downtown DC
>while 107.7 is about 40 miles from downtown DC. Both are essentially
>full class B toward the DC, though WFSI's directional pattern puts less
>in other directions. My car radio will stop scanning on both stations
>here in the Rockville - Gaithersburg, MD, area NW of DC.
>Since WTOP is promoting the FM move as being to the "very top of your FM
>dial", people who take them literally may be surprised by the preaching
>instead of news.
>WTOP has been renting 94.3 from its owner, WINX(AM).   
>As part of the change, WUPP ("Up Country 107.7")is promoting their own
>April 1 move to 94.3.  It appears that most of WUPP's sponsor are in the
>Warrenton area, and 94.3 covers that area very well.
>What Bonneville really needs to do is to find something for their
>rimshot on 104.1 Waldorf (and 103.9 Frederick) to do.  It generally
>rates considerably lower than WTOP with its current oldies format.  WBIG
>has stolen that market since it can actually be heard. 104.3 in Balto
>makes it hard to hear 104.1 north of mid-DC.
>Bob Carpenter  w3otc@amsat.org 
>Dan Strassberg wrote:
>> >Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 00:44:14 -0500 (EST)
>> >Subject: Things are happening at WTOP AM and FM.....
>> >
>> >     I was listening to WTOP/1500 this evening at about 10:15 and heard
>> >a promo with a man with "la-di-da" voice touting about April 1, 1998.
>> >That is the day that WTOP moves to 107.7 FM, currently known as WRCY
>> >"Thunder 107.7".  If this means the end of WTOP/1500 AM, I am not sure.
>> >It most certainly will be the end of WTOP-FM (94.3).  If anyone can get
>> >more info about this impending change on 4/1/98, please post it here.
>> >Thanks,
>> >-Pete-

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