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Re: Things are happening at WTOP AM and FM.....

Here is what I know about the change about to happen at WTOP-AM/FM and WUPP.
Bonneville Holding Company will buy WUPP for $8 million from Syd Able.  Syd
Able will also get 94.3, which will become WUPP country, with 107.7 becoming
WTOP-FM.  I had thought Bonneville would keep 94.3 to simulcast top 40 WWZZ
(104.1 Waldorf, Md.) and WWVZ (103.9 Braddock Heights, Md.), but apparently
that is not happening.  I had hoped Bonneville would sell 94.3 to the folks
that own WKCW, 1420 AM in Warrenton.  WKCW seems to be a locally-oriented
station, and I believe signs off at night.  However, that did not come to

Gavin Burt
Albany, New York