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Re: WFEA's historic tower (Was Re: Wire vs. vertical antennas)

>Dan Strassberg wrote:
>I don't know if they are still standing, don't know the height, and don't
>know if the manufacturer was Blaw-Knox, but the station in Santa Cruz or
>Salinas CA that used to use the calls KDON (on 1410, if memory serves) had
>(if I recall correctly) _four_ such towers, of equal height, in an in-line

        The current database info. for KDON, 1460, Salinas, Calif., is two
towers of 104 degrees. It's 5 kW, DA-1. It has a CP for 10 kW, DA-1, 4
towers of 141 degrees at a different site, indicating that the current
towers are being replaced.
        All the surviving Blaw-Knox towers in that list were roughly half
wave, so I wonder whether these were another manufacturer, perhaps, but of
similar design with that wider section in the middle. Did any other
manufacturers build those, I wonder?