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Re: NorthEast Radio Watch 3/12: Capstar Cuts Staff

> Six staffers were dismissed from WTAG (580) and WSRS (96.1) in
> Worcester early this week, including WTAG program director Skot Pare,
> morning host Tom Gorham (a 26 year veteran of the station), and
> evening news anchor Ann Kenda.  

I guess that marks the end of the "Knight-style management..."  Long-
term staffers that stay forever...

> At WGIR, news director Bill Rossi, production manager/talk host Terry
> Benz, and FM program director Tim Sheehan are all reportedly out,
> along with sales manager Cathy Cram, who has resigned.  

You know, I thought this was a good gig for Bill Rossi...He was kinda
adrift after the RKO and Kiss108 thing.  I thought he'd sound great and
do a great job for 'GIR.  
Now this news....Ugh!

> Get ready for
> a simulcast between WGIR-FM and WHEB as well; word has it there's a
> 15k stereo line being installed to allow the two stations to share
> late-night and weekend programming.

You know, besides the job losses...this sounds like a good idea....

> NERW wonders what the Knight family makes of all the changes at what
> was once one of the region's best-run broadcast groups...

Why doesn't NERW call one of the Knight's for an interview!  (Or our
resident interviewer, Auntie Donna!)

> Current WZLX middayer George Taylor Morris will
> leave the station in April.  

Another experienced radio vet bites the dust!  Who's next?

> 97.9 MHz under the new name "EBRadio."  In other news from the
> unlicensed, the Spanish-language religious pirate that's on 1680 kHz
> in the Worcester area is now reportedly being heard on FM as well.

You know, I remember going by a Spanish Evangelical Church in Larence,
that had a BIG sign..."WEBZ - 1640AM".  I wondered how they operated
legally....you'd think a Church would!  Wjile I never knew what they
were saying on the air....they had a signal that went about a mile.

> Its policy of giving away airtime to churches is causing some concern
> at licensed religious stations in the area, we're told.
> Out west, the FCC has granted WBEC-FM its translator in Great
> Barrington.  W231AK will operate on 94.1 MHz, filling in some shadowed
> areas of "Live 105" coverage to the south.
> And we welcome the new radio critic at the Boston Globe, Clea Simon,
> while noting that the paper's questionable standards of accuracy have
> survived that job's previous occupant -- since when is Boston
> College's WZBC on 90.9, pray tell?
> *A few more notes from NEW HAMPSHIRE: WZNN's expanded-band outlet on
> 1700 kHz in Rochester has been given the WAYU calls.  We believe
> that's a random assignment and expect those calls will change long
> before 1700 sees the light of day. 

Does anyone have a target date for them to start radiating in the
'expanded band'?  I know some stations are already on there....that's
why I ask. 

> And Kim Crawford moves from WLNH (98.3) in
> Laconia down the road to do middays at WZID (95.7) in Manchester.

Wasn't Gary Binnet doing middays there?  What happenned to him?

Also, the guy that was doing nights at WZID...went to WSRS...became the
PD of that new 96.5 station in NH and was booted when they changed
format....  Anyone know where he landed?

> *That's a wrap for this Thursday.  Coming next week: NERW visits New
> Jersey and Pennsylvania...

BTW...is there a Mrs. Fybush?  How DOES she put up with all this?  <ggg!
> LOL!