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Re: NorthEast Radio Watch 3/12: Capstar Cuts Staff

<< In a message dated 98-03-14 02:45:45 EST, you write:
 << > And Kim Crawford moves from WLNH (98.3) in
  > Laconia down the road to do middays at WZID (95.7) in Manchester.
  Wasn't Gary Binnet doing middays there?  What happenned to him? >>
 Gary left ZID a few months ago to open a restaurant in Florida. His family
was in the restaurant business and he wanted to get back to his roots...
 <<Also, the guy that was doing nights at WZID...went to WSRS...became the
 PD of that new 96.5 station in NH and was booted when they changed
 format....  Anyone know where he landed?>>
 Keith Murray is the guy you're talking about... and as a former Saga employee
who left and "burned a bridge or two"... he didn't stand much of a chance at
96.5 after Saga bought it, even if they had considered keeping that awful Rock
A/C format. 
 I don't know where Keith is now, but I'll ask some friends and see if I can
find out.
 Rob Walker
 WALC/St Louis