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Re: Lost Archives....

Peter wrote--

>     What Scott did for the WBZ Radio (75th ?) Anniversary was beyond the
>call of duty.  He was able to contact the right people at the right time
>and provided a quality product.  I don't think it could ever be replicated,
>taking into account WBZ's lack of archival material.  I am curious to see
>if any mention of WBZ-TV's pre-CBS history (NBC) will show up on Channel 4's
>50th Anniversary show.  I find it highly unlikely.
And don't forget what Auntie Donna did-- as in, the history on their
web-site, among other things.  Scott & I were both outraged about how little
WBZ kept around.  Regarding their TV history, since I am writing it (and yes
they have agreed to pay me a small amount for my time <g>) , I will take it
very personally if they ignore the 9 pages of pre-CBS info I have already
sent them.

My plan is to offer the finished history to the Boston Radio Archives once
it is finalised and WBZ-TV has made whatever use of it they wish.  But I can
assure you, they now HAVE a very thorough history from day one to the 1990s...