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Re: WBZ archives & WAPE

Kevin wrote:  
Thanks to a couple of packrats, a little of WMUR's glory years live on.
> A Uncle Gus show from 1969 was converted to 3/4 in the early 70's as was
> New Hampshire Bandstand. 
When did New Hampshire Bandstand run and who was the host?I don't remember
that show,probably before my time.
> I wonder if any Willie Whistle video exists?
How about video of any of the other Boston TV kiddie shows:Boomtown,Major
Mudd,Bozo?Jabberwocky video still exists,as Ch.5 was still running it as
recently as last year early on Sat mornings(5 or 6 AM)I believe they were
still showing Captain Bob on early Sat AM's also as recently last year.Or a
non-kiddie show,how about video of the original Candlepins For Cash with
Bob Gamere on WNAC Ch.7,taped in their spacious 2 lane bowling alley just
off the parking garage under their studio building.When the show first
aired it was taped at a bowling alley in Quincy.                      Mark