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Re: WBZ archives & WAPE

> This constant "discard" syndrome reminded me that when I
> worked at channel 2, my son was featured in a show called
> "Dr. Turtle's Babies".  It occurred to me years later that
> I'd like to have a copy of that show.  As a pack rat deluxe,
> I was shocked when they told me "sorry, but all that stuff
> was erased years ago."  If only I'd had the presence of mind.

The moral being, I suppose, "always tape it when it's on."  I've
always tried to live my pack-rat life that way -- going all the
way back to 1978 or so, when I was a (very young) guest on the noon
news on one of the local stations.

It took 19 years until I actually worked somewhere where I have
regular access to a 3/4" VTR to watch the tape they gave me that

No, I haven't done so yet...there are some things I'm not sure I
want to see that badly.

And no, dubs of this one AREN'T available :-)

- -s (no, you can't have the aircheck of me on the high-school station,