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Re: WBZ archives & WAPE

Scott wrote--

>Carl DeSuze has some WBZ photos and press releases, which he
>graciously loaned out for the anniversary.  I don't believe
>Dave Maynard has any WBZ memorabilia at all.  Not sure about
>the rest...

Carl also donated 4 boxes of stuff to Boston University's Special
Collections, which has not yet had the time to archive them, but they do
include some rare pictures (I've seen a few of the items-- no dates on them,
unfortunately, although you can figure some of them out from their context).
Gordon Swan did the same-- there are 3 boxes at BU, mostly the WBZ Radio
history he wrote, and some pictures, plus some of his recollections about
the first couple of years of WBZ-TV, from back when he was their PD.  Also
at BU is the famous clock-- the one that fell on President-elect
Eisenhower's head when he was making an appearance at the WBZ Studios in
November of 1952...  

And I have asked for YEARS what happened to all of John Shepard 3rd's
archives.  The files from the Yankee Network and from WNAC are something I
would dearly love to read!!!