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WAYU (was NorthEast Radio Watch 3/12)

In a message dated 98-03-12 21:15:53 EST, you write:

<< *A few more notes from NEW HAMPSHIRE: WZNN's expanded-band outlet on
 1700 kHz in Rochester has been given the WAYU calls.  We believe
 that's a random assignment and expect those calls will change long
 before 1700 sees the light of day. >>

The WAYU call letters used to be on 93.9 in Lewiston, Maine.  I worked there
in 1986 when the station was country.  The call letters changed to WXGL after
the station became Oldies.  The WXGL call letters and format then moved to
95.5 Topsham, where the call letters (but not the Oldies format) remain.  (I
worked at that station for a few months last year as well.)  The former WAYU
is now the WCYI half of the WCYY/WCYI pair, but of course, you only hear WCYI
once an hour.  

Dan Billings
Bowdoinham, Maine