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Archives, Channel 7 and stuff

> Or a
> non-kiddie show,how about video of the original Candlepins For Cash
> Bob Gamere on WNAC Ch.7,taped in their spacious 2 lane bowling alley
> off the parking garage under their studio building.When the show first
> aired it was taped at a bowling alley in Quincy.    

The two things I remember about Candlepins for Cash....

1.)  How the contestants would say hello to "All the guys at GE in Lynn!

2.) If a guy knocked down 8 pins...he got EIGHT BUCKS!  WOW!  Not
exactly a Big Budget show!

OK...3 Things...3.) Eddie Andleman would razz Bob Gamere on the nightly
newscast for being the 'Candlepin King'...  Supposedly morale at
"Newsroom 7" was pretty bad...having a Candlepin show as a lead in...

Supposedly "C F C" did (surprisingly) well ratings-wise.  I know my
grandmother loved it...and sent in postcards with all her
grandchildren's names!

Speaking of Bob Gamere....  Whatever happenned to his career?  

Also, does anyone remember Barbara Borin?

I think this was a period where everyone DID indeed watch Channel 7's

Also, remember when Chuck Scarborough was there before he went to NBC(?)
.  He was one of the few credible anchors they had.  (We won't talk
about Brad Holbrook!  Actually a NICE GUY...with even nicer hair...but
not a real 'authoritative' delivery on the air...)