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<< Dan Billings wrote:
 >The WAYU call letters used to be at 93.9 in Lewiston, Maine.<
In a message dated 98-03-13 11:31:32 EST, you write:

 The first thing I thought when I saw that call was "Maine." So did
 Lewiston's WAYU capitalize on it? Did it have a slogan like "93.9 ...
 Maine's Best Country ... A-yuh!"?
 Howard >>

No.  Unlike what all you people from away think, we do not all talk like that
and as a slogan, it is also something that seems cute from a far, but would be
irrating on a daily basis.

In 1986, WAYU was ahead of it's time with a Hit Country format when marlet
leaders WPOR and WKCG where still doing old style country.  The station was
called Hit Country 93.9 WAYU.

Dan Billings
Bowdoinham, Maine
A Native without the accent