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<< Dan:
 Thanks for the info. I work with a woman from Portland and she has
 little of the accent, either. And I listened to so much radio as a kid
 in the Boston area that I have no real accent to speak of.
 So why did the station have that call? Was it a random assignment?
 Sorry if I insulted you or your state.
 Howard >>


No, you did not insult my state.  I deal with a lot of people from around the
country in my work and I just get tired of people saying "You must not be from
Maine originally because you do not have an accent."

Not sure about the WAYU calls.  The station was the third FM in Maine,
debuting in 1948, but the call letters were originally WCOU-FM.  The AM was
1240 WCOU.  That station is now WTME and owned by Dick Gleason and simulcasts
religion and talk with 1450 WKTV South Paris.

I'm not sure when the WAYU call letters showed up.  Before getting a power
increase from 15K to 50K and going country in 1985, the station had the WAYU
calls but was CHR and call itself 94Rock.