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Re: Portsmouth Radio

Chris wrote--
>I don't think it's right to blame Knight for killing the oldies
>format; they merely put it out of its misery.  95.3's stature as an
>oldies station had been in steady decline ever since Dick Walsh
>put Oldies 95 on the air.  Previous owner Sunshine Group Broadcasting 
>ran the station into the ground (and the company with it)  [snippity snip]

Oh my gawd!!!  A name from my past-- is that the same Dick Walsh who used to
own WABK in Augusta?  I used to consult for him and he STILL owes me
money... he and Jeff Fisher were partners, but then they had a dispute of
some sort, and the entire thing turned into a soap opera... I have some very
amusing memories of that time period (mid to late 80s...).  I always
wondered what happened to the two of them.