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A leisurely drive.........

     I had the opportunity to check the band in the Springfield area,
especially in the Westfield area and saw NO sign of W221AP (that
"Westfield" translator that was transmitting from high atop Mt Tom
in HOLYOKE).   Chances are good that it will not be operating for
sometime, if ever. 
     Most of the Springfield college stations are down for the summer.
I was surprised that WCCH (103.5 FM) in Holyoke was not on.  This little 
eight watt station has a phenominal signal.  I have in the past been 
able to listen this station over 30 miles away.  The secret is simple, 
it transmits from the Soldiers Home in Holyoke....one of the highest 
points of the area (next to Mt. Tom).  I wonder if they are down for the 
duration of the summer ?  Westfield State's WSKB-FM (89.5 FM , the place 
where I got my start in '78) was down also, as were
WSCB-FM (89.9) and WAIC-FM (91.9).
     While driving on Route 7 in Great Barrington, MA, I drove by WSBS 
(860 AM) and saw that the old WBBS/105.1 (now WAMQ) STL dish was finally 
gone.  I still wonder why they dumped the FM, considering that WSBS is 
only a daytimer.  Well, c'est le vie.  
     One thing I really noticed is that WCRB has by-far the best signal 
from all of the other commercial FM's in Boston.  Driving through 
Westfield, their signal was still very usuable.  Maybe Mr.
Landry can elaborate.  Naturally, the signal was a local on the higher 
elevations of the Mass. Pike.  I didn't lose it throughly until a few 
miles south of Lee.  The other signals from Boston.....NO CONTEST.

That's it for now,

- -Pete-

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