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No Subject

Jibguy wrote:

<< Hello----

Al Kaprelian is what made WNDS, and what broadcasting SHOULD be, UNIQUE in
each station's market.  Too bad we are now dominated by satellite-sameness.>>

I agree to a certain extent.  WNDS was unique in it's specific programming..
They hooked the Trekkies...  and Hawaii 5 'O fans alike.  
What was cool was that Al was the most unique.  Yes, this may have been his
first gig, and I really don't know whether his fans laughed with him or at him.
But his aura likely brought ratings to a station that could afford to take a
chance with a personality like him.   
I doubt his act would work at a larger station, so I'd expect to see some 
changes in Al if he wants to stay in television meteorology.

Yes..  Satellite-sameness is a sad situation...  and I think you'll see radio
get hit the hardest by it (as if it hasn't already).  My concern is with what
will happen when the new Digital Satellite Radio ( DARS ?? ) hits everybody's
homes and automobiles 5-10 years from now.  How will the smaller markets handle

- -bill