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Re: Boston Globe priorities

At 10:20 AM 8/9/97 -0400, Sean Smyth wrote:

>>Otoh, they obviously feel there is not great demand for radio information...
>I honestly think if people were explained the intracies of the business and
>were told about the ins and outs it would be interesting radio coverage.
>People always want to find out something which they do not know. Not many
>know the inner workings of a radio station or even how the radio dial
>works. (Thank goodness for digital radios.)

It seems to me that a lot of their tv coverage is pretty pointless...it
seems that once a week they list every minor little tweak in the 6PM
newscasts, including ratings thereof, I can't imagine any more people care
about how Channel 7's news compared with Channel 5's.  Ditto for the Monday
soap opera update.

Maybe it takes less effort to report on some of this...human nature being
what it is, you know...given the choice of working to find a story vs taking
the easy way out...you know what wins every time.