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Re: Larry Justice

On Wed, 30 Jul 1997, supersport@eb101.com wrote:

> Wow, is Larry still at WIOD?  Last ten years or so when I visit that area,
> I really appreciated WIOD.  Rick n' Suds, Neil Rodgers, Pat Hendrigues...
> By the way, you can hear WIOD's broadcasts live on the WEB.
  WIOD changed ownership a few months back and cleaned house, which seemed
on the surface an idiotic thing to do. Neil is going to be on WQAM come
the first of the year, and I have no idea what happened to Ric and Suds.
(Larry was not there this past winter....but Dave Supple was)

  If nothing else WIOD had some of the greatest ID's I have ever heard on
radio.....such as  "WIOD MIAMI The station that fired Larry King"

 I am not sure what the connection is but theWIOD studios were in the
Channel 7 (WSVN) complex on the causeway linking Miami Beach with the