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"Local" TV at 3 AM

Okay - I stayed up ALL last night looking for local programs on the "wasted"
shopping and infomercial stations. This is what I discovered:

WUNI - Interesting programming - "Real Rock WAAF-TV" for an hour, then back
to Univision. 

WHRC-TV - Nothing.

WGOT-TV/W54CN - A few promos for "The Asian Hour", "Manchester Harley
Davidson" and "New England Worship" (not to be confused with the Worship
network). Channels 60 and 54.

WMFP - The find of the month, "Ghost Stories of Olde New England". Truly
local. Some guy with a home camcorder on his shoulder running around Salem,
Peabody, and Danvers knocking on doors asking if the owners of houses knew
the house was haunted. Airs at 5:00AM Sundays on channel 62. 

WHSH - Interesting show, a paid commercial for CHILDREN paid for by Korea.
There was this guy telling all the advantages from adopting children from
Korea - "Much safer than any other country. Discover Korean adoption
services!". And some reruns of "New Zoo Revue".

So local TV isn't dead, it is just hiding, squeezed between pastamakers and
cheap fake jewellery on Sunday nights at 3 AM. 

                                        - Keith Barry