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Re: Full-service radio

> I think a full-service station on FM (not proposed before) would fly
> especially in the suburban communities. Unlike these other doomsayers 
(might as
> well jump off the ship now, folks) I say radio is still a powerful
> People in their cars in the middle of the day I am sure would like to
hear some
> news headlines as well as some good music. The thought that this
wouldn't fly
> is not true. Someone on the list offered this suggestion up a few
weeks ago,
> and I think it is a smart idea.

Can you offer any situations/markets/stations where this is working

People DO want variety....but "variety" is now on the pre-set buttons on
their radio. 

If people in midday wanted a few headlines....they would hit the button
for WBZ or WBUR.  ...when they want more music.....they'll go to the
music station of their choice.  

The "full-service" has turned to "instant-service" and the variety is
now on the buttons on their radio.

The idea that people have *one* favorite station that gives them
everything they need is passe'....

I don't know of a music station that  has succeeded in mixing headlines
in the middays.  (With the possible exception of a noon update)