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Jim Connors was just about the last morning man on Wimmex that I liked.
Actually, I have an air check of him around here.  Soon after, that station
went down the tubes as I drifted over to WEZE/WRKO/Stereo 105 and WBZ-FM.

At 02:29 AM 7/30/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Richard wrote:
>>"Double-you oh ell dee (dee, dee, dee)..."
>And what is more depressing, there used to be a rumour (spread no doubt by
>the person himself) that this song was written about Jim Connors, if I
>recall his name correctly-- Jim used to be one of the many who did mornings
>at WMEX in the early 70s, and he insisted Harry Chapin had him in mind when
>he wrote that song-- "I am the morning d.j. at W-O-L-D".  Harry, however,
>never would admit to it... I'm not sure Harry ever even met Jim Connors...
>but Jim seemed to believe he was universally famous.  I wonder where Jim
>ended up.  (We know where Harry ended up, speaking of depressing endings...)