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Re: Providence jocks

Many years ago, 1975 to be exact, I met him at the then new studios at
PRO-FM.  He had just gotten out of college.  I was getting an A! tour from
the GM then, I believe, Jay Clark.  Bina was real nice to me.  It was a
time that I had to decide is radio what I want.  Anyway, after that I would
contact Bina quite a bit as I lived in Boston and listened to PRO-FM quite
a bit then.  John also lived in Boston at the time.

Later he left PRO-FM, and then returned.  I did hear him a few years ago on
Oldies 101.5 (WWBB?) from Providence.  He may still be there.

At 10:21 AM 7/30/97 -0400, TC Cheever wrote:
>As long as people are talking about Providence, maybe somebody out there
>knows what happened to former longtime 92 PRO-FM jock 'Big' John Bina.
>He was an instructor of mine at college & I interned for him there for a
>while. He left PRO-FM in 1992 or thereabouts and that was the last I
>heard of him. Anyone have any insight?
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