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Re: Mark's Got a Secret.....

> > > On Tue, 22 Jul 1997, Paul R Hopfgarten wrote:

> > > > Taking a guess, I'd say #1-WOAZ or #2WBOS for FM talk right now.
> > 
> > Mark Schneider replies:
> > > 
> > > No, no,(it's a bit more complicated than one would initially
assume, that
> > >         is all I am at liberty to say...:-)
> > 
> > Okay Mark, spill it!   ;-?

Or maybe he's afraid he might get proven wrong...  <GGGG!!!>

> > > On Paul R Hopfgarten wrote:
> Here's possibility #2 (IMHO). ARS actually swaps WAAF and WEGQ
> making WAAF 93.7, then nixes WEGQ, and puts FM Talk on 107.3, AND
1150AM? (I
> know, FM Talk on AM?), but the W???-Boston/W???-FM Worcester-Boston
name makes
> sense, and 1150AM is still available for 'EEI Sports conflicts.
> Just guessing...

Hmmmm....Just thinking out loud....  Now that ARS has made some movement
(upwards) with WEGQ....Why would they replace it with talk to compete
with theri AM station?

I think Mark's contention is that CBS/Westinghouse/Granum/Infinity(?) is
going to do talk on FM and compete with ARS's WRKO.  

What does CBS own on FM...?  

WODS? WBCN?  WZLX? (What did I leave out...?!!!)

Are any of these doing bad enough to warrant a change to a much more
expensive-chance-ey format?


End of boston-radio-interest-digest V1 #106