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Re: more WNAC / WLAW / WVDA

'A. Joseph Ross' wrote: .

> Now, is WKLB-FM a descendant of WBCS or is it a descendant of WKLB-FM
> 105.7?  <GGG>

The way I see it, the current WKLB-FM 96.9 is the decendent of WBCS and
it's lineage would be WBCS, WCDJ, WJIB, etc.  Which also means that the
current WROR-FM 105.7 is the decendent of the former WKLB, WCLB and
WVBF, just as the current WBMX 98.5 is the direct decendent of the
former WROR 98.5.

I love it, Boston radio is so bizzare!

Steve Sawyer
WINQ / 97.7 Q-FM
Winchendon, MA