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Re: What do teens listen to?

At 01:35 AM 7/21/97 -0400, Mark Shneyder wrote:
>On Sun, 20 Jul 1997, H Glazer wrote:
>> That's what A. Joseph Ross asked.
>> Not having seen the 12-17 ratings, I'll guess that WJMN, WBCN and
>> WXKS-FM have the strongest teen numbers. With WILD's more mature turn,
>> I'd imagine many black teens and other rap/hip-hop fans have turned off
>> their radios entirely. Could they be listening to the rap shows on
>> college radio?

Well, speaking as someone who would fit into that age category, I listen to
WJIB, WROR, WOCN-FM, and WQEW. However, almost all of my friends listen to
WBCN. A few like WKPE, a few are hooked on classical, and many of the
females in the age group listen to WXKS-FM. The rest of my classmates and
friends are divided among WAAF, WZLX, WJMN, and WBMX. But, most teens
nowadays listen to tapes and compact discs nowadays instead of listening to
the radio. I am probably the only teen that I know of that has a record
"collection" (well, I can't store more than 300) and stil uses 8-Tracks.
But, that's another story. Radio seems to be forgotten. Instead of teachers
banning transistor radios from the classrooms, it has now become Discman and
Walkman CD and tape players, respectively. THAT is why there is no market
for a full service station - people of the target age group would much
rather "be their own disc jockey" and just pop in a favourite CD any time he
or she wants to hear his or her favourite song. And news and sports are
forgotten about - why not just watch television? With the advent of car CD
players and 10 disc changers, there are people who NEVER use their car
radios. When people can't find a station with the music they like, the
average person would put in a tape and play a song they WANT to hear.
However, with the 40+ group, many do listen to the radio. But the 40+ crowd
are not what advertisers want. Soapbox mode OFF.

Keith Barry