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Re: Future of AC (was Re: NorthEast Radio Watch 7/17:)

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> From: SteveOrdinetz <steveord@xtdl.com>

> Here in N.H. WZID is every bit as sleepy, sappy and boring, and you know 
> what? A  bad book for them is when they dip below a 20 share.  Just gotta
> that Mariah and Whitney will be around a lot longer than Fiona Apple and

Steve, in a much smaller market like NH, a 20 share is equal to a 5 or 6 in
a top 10, isn't it?

You ask most people in Southern NH to name the local stations, and (no
offense, Concord not being Southern NH) WGIR, WGIR-FM, WZID and WOKQ is
about it, recognition-wise, maybe WHEB.. (IMHO).

Heck, my hometown (Derry) is considered part of the Lawrence-Haverhill
SMSA, and therefore is statistically in the Boston Market, or so it would
Having never received a Diary in my life, nor a Accurating Phone Call, I'm
only guessing here...

- -Paul Hopfgarten
Derry NH