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Re: What do teens listen to?

In Essex County, the station of choice for rap/hip-hop teens may well be
Salem State's station, WMWM (91.7). They play a lot of rap, especially
in the afternoon. The signal is pretty much gone by the time you reach
Chelsea, so I don't imagine it has much of an impact in Suffolk County.

BTW, a previous poster wondered about the "service" WUMB was providing
to its community by "duplicating" WGBH. First, folk music from dawn to
dusk hardly duplicates GBH, which is mainly classical and news during
those hours. Second, folk has always had a major constituency among
college students, and in Boston/Cambridge in particular. Much of what
WUMB plays is modern folk in the Tracy Chapman/Jewel style, not old sea
chanteys and Vietnam protest songs. I'd say UMB is providing as much of
a service to Boston with folk as WMWM is to Salem with rap.