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Re: What do teens listen to?

On Sun, 20 Jul 1997, H Glazer wrote:

> That's what A. Joseph Ross asked.
> Not having seen the 12-17 ratings, I'll guess that WJMN, WBCN and
> WXKS-FM have the strongest teen numbers. With WILD's more mature turn,
> I'd imagine many black teens and other rap/hip-hop fans have turned off
> their radios entirely. Could they be listening to the rap shows on
> college radio?

Could be. It would be interesting to see  the breakdown for ethnic
composition (Black/Hispanic) which Arbitron now provides for Suffolk and
Essex(Hispanic only) counties....I will try to look it up...

You're correct as far as teens/young adults are concerned. In the 12-24
target group, (Winter Book), WJMN had a 18.6, followed by WXKS(13.0) and
WBCN(11.0)....In the morning drive, WJMN had a 19.2, then WBCN with 13.6
and then WXKS with 13.0...

Among females 12-24, Mon-Sun 6am-mid, WJMN had  21.8(22.2 in AM drive),
WXKS with 18.6(17.7 in AM-drive) and WBCN was way behind with 7.9(8.4 in
AM drive)...Among 12-24 males, WJMN had a 15.1(16.0 in AM drive), WBCN was
second with 14.2(19.2 in morning drive) and WAAF was third with a
12.9(11.5 in AM drive); WXKS trailed with 7.2(6.6 in AM drive)

- -Mark