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RE: Hello and Help!

A. Joseph Ross wrote:

> WNBP was once WNCG? 

The calls for the Newburyport station actually changed twice. The 
frequency was changed once as well.  The original WNBP was a daytimer 
on 1470 built in 1957 by Ted Feinstein of WLYN.  In 1984 the station 
became WCEA and moved to 1450.  In 1987 when the station was bought 
by Ted Larson formerly of WBZ... (aka Thorvold Lorentzen)... the 
calls were changed to WNCG.  In 1991 the calls were returned to WNBP 
by present owner Win Damon.    

"Audisk plays 'em.....on ClassicGold 1450 WNBP!"