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Re: Oldies 1-0-3 POINT 3

><<On Mon, 21 Jul 1997 19:29:40 -0400, mwaters@wesleyan.edu (Martin J.
>Waters) said:
>>        Semi-related trivia: In Baltimore last week, I was surprised
>> to see and hear that WBAL is (still-?) calling itself "radio 11." It
>> seemed like such a throwback.  Unless you're right near the
>> transmitter, I don't think the signal is very good when you tune
>> your radio to 1100.

Garrett wrote:
>That's not what the ``radio 11'' reference is about.
>Think about what other station in Baltimore is associated with the
>number eleven and what its callsign is...

        Got me. I have no clue. Please explain. I could guess that the TV
affiliate of WBAL is on channel 11? But, if that were the case, I'd still
say it's time for WBAL to join the digital age.