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RE: Hello and Help!

Roger Kirk wrote....

>I "board-opped" many an hour on those behemoths.  A lotta Top 40 went 
>>through those channels.   The one from Studio "A" even had Hot 
>Chocolate >spilled onto it.  (Not me, I drank Coke).  The only problem I ever  
>experienced was a channel amp suddenly started making loud "frying"   
>noises while on air.  Oh yes, the bulbs used to burn out frequently - 
>of course, WRKO was literally next door to Con Edison - we ran 125 VAC 
>all the time.

Another of those McCurdy boards from WRKO was here in Newburyport at WNBP
(WNCG at the time) I was told that it became unreliable and parts from
Canada were hard to get. When the station moved in 1990, it would have been
too expensive to have it hoisted out the window. It wouldn't fit down the
stairs so it was disassembled and taken out in pieces and brought to the
dump. We still have the manual with WRKO embossed on the cover and mentioned
on each page of the schematics...it looks like it was a custom board for
WRKO built in April 1976
It was the main control room board used in Government Center until being
replaced by a Pacific Recorders board around 1981. 


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