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RE: Hello and Help!

Chris Beckwith wrote:

>By the way, the output of the Scullys was fed through an ancient
>behemoth of a McCurdy production board that we got for a song from

I "board-opped" many an hour on those behemoths.  A lotta Top 40 went   
through those channels.   The one from Studio "A" even had Hot Chocolate   
spilled onto it.  (Not me, I drank Coke).  The only problem I ever   
experienced was a channel amp suddenly started making loud "frying"   
noises while on air.  Oh yes, the bulbs used to burn out frequently - of   
course, WRKO was literally next door to Con Edison - we ran 125 VAC all   
the time.

Roger Kirk a.k.a. The Wizard Of Music