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Re: Back from DX'ing on PEI

Roger Kirk wrote:

>They were all beat out by WTIC Hartford
>and WBAL Baltimore - both of which boomed in for clear,
>easy-to-listen-to, almost fade-free programs.

        Just like clear-channel radio is supposed to work! They both go
directional night to protect Dallas and Little Rock, respectively, so they
were aimed pretty much right at PEI.

>I also received (clearly) a Spanish AM'er (forgot to log frequency, but
>think it's somewhere around 720) running  what seemed to be a syndicated
>Spanish Music Show - the only word that was repeated (ad nauseum) was

        Could it be XEX, Mexico City, the one-and-only former I-A station
on 730 in North America? Pretty good catch, if it was. Especially with the
50 kW class B station (French) in Montreal on 730, which is heard in the
Northeast U.S. at night. The Elliott version of the FCC database does not
show a power output for XEX. I think a few of the Mexican stations still
use 100, 150 or 250 kW rather than 50--so, who knows?