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WNAC / WLAW / WVDA (Was Re: Fwd: Re: TV locations)

Robert W.  Paine wrote:
>> WLAW had remote studios in Boston for a time, and in 1950 moved them to
>>the vacated WBZ studios in the Bradford. WLAW was purchased by The
>>Yankee Network in 1952 and WNAC moved to the 680 frequency. 1260 was
>>sold to Victor Diehm (spelling?) and became WVDA. WLAW-FM was shut down
>>and the license returned to the FCC.
Dan Strassberg wrote:

>I _like_ that explanation because, in a post earlier this week, I was trying
>to say that I though that was what happened to WLAW AM. I was kind of
>shouted down by other members of this group, however. Several posters
>insisted that the WLAW AM license was turned back to the FCC and that WVDA
>was a new station. My suspicion was that WVDA was actually a continuation of
>WLAW's AM license (and, of course, WLAW's Boston studios and the old WNAC
>transmitter and frequency). If that _is_ the case, by the way this group
>reckons things, WPZE will be celebrating its 60th anniversary in 1999.

        I'm confused as to how what Robert wrote confirms that WVDA
actually was a continuation of WLAW. From other posts, my understand is
that:  1) The owner of WNAC bought WLAW to use the authorized facilities on
680 for its existing station, WNAC; and 2.) The owner of WNAC then sold the
license for 1260, which no longer had an existing station to operate on it,
to Victor Diehm. So, it was WLAW that ceased to exist and WVDA that came
into existence.
        And how about the WLAW family turning in the FM license--another
future fortune that never was made! Victor Diehm should have bought that.
        As a side note, WVDA / WEZE, lately WPZE, always listed its start
of origin as 1922 (actually WNAC's start) in the annual Broadcasting
Yearbook, which I believe is a bad claim. Don't know if the current owner
is still doing it. But it should be the year WVDA signed on.
        More out of curiosity than trying to further one or the other side
of the argument, does anyone know (Donna?) whether WVDA took over 1260 at
the moment (on-the- day-of would be close enough) that WNAC began
broadcasting on 680, or was there a period when the frequency was dark?
And, did WLAW shut down prior to WNAC taking over 680, or was it on right
up until the change?