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Virginia DXing and the strange case of WEEI's signal

        Around 10-11 p.m. on July 14 and 15, I heard WEEI clearly on my car
radio and then on the Superradio, in Vienna, Virginia, about 15 miles west
of downtown Washington, D.C. I don't know if this could be normal, although
I've traveled in that area many times before and do not recall picking it
up. There are several other stations on 850 in the general vicinity,
including two in Pennsylvania and a station in Norfolk, Virginia. Are they
/ were they then still painting their towers, I wonder.
        Back home, near New Haven, every night since July 18, I'm hearing
WEEI very clearly. Again, I cant say for sure it's abnormal, although at
home I'm more certain that it is. I've DXed for many years at that
location, and usually get garbage on 850 in the evening, with maybe a very
bad signal from WEEI. Toward dawn, I occasionally can get KOA.
        Maybe they've finished painting, but---ooooops--forgotten to
reconnect the second and  third towers to the 50 kW.