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Re: FW: Oops 7/4...and WRKO!

On Sat, 12 Jul 1997, Dan Strassberg wrote:

> Is Sanger's book his autobiography? If not, who was the rebel he wrote
> about? If the book is an autobiography, is Sanger still living? If not, when
> did he die?

The rebel he wrote about was WQXR, which in many ways operated against the
trends in radio at the time.  He was still living when the book came out
in 1973.  I don't know about now.
> I wonder if Sanger was the person who was responsible for WQEW's TX site
> being located in Queens, rather than in the NJ Meadowlands. 

Quite possibly.  According to the just jacket, he was Executive
Vice-President and General Manager of WQXR from 1936 to 1965.  He retired
as Chairman of the Board in 1967.

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