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Re: FW: Oops 7/4...and WRKO!

On Sun, 13 Jul 1997, BUMP MARTIN wrote:

> And it's onetime eccentric owner....
> Who can forget those 'commentaries' by Starwest Jones!

Starr West (yes, that's his real name) Jones is the brother of the late
WCRB "founder" Theodore Jones.  He lives somewhere in California. 

Ted Jones is often called WCRB's founder but he actually bought the
original WCRB (1330 AM) from its original owners shortly after it went on
the air in 1948.

Ted did establish the classical format in 1952-53, and put WCRB-FM on the
air in 1954.

"Commentary" was part of a 15-minute talkathon we did every weeknight at
6pm, and consisted of rants by several of Ted's friends; Starr West, who
is Ted's diametrical opposite on the political spectrum, represented the
conservative point of view. 

It was one of many oddities on WCRB; anyone remember "Spotlight on Latvia"
with Sylvestris Lambergs?

Rob Landry