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<< Is Sanger's book his autobiography? If not, who was the rebel he wrote
 about? If the book is an autobiography, is Sanger still living? If not, when
 did he die?
 I wonder if Sanger was the person who was responsible for WQEW's TX site
 being located in Queens, rather than in the NJ Meadowlands. Not moving the
 TX to the Meadowlands in the late 50s or early 60s, when (then) WQXR
 increased its power to 50 kW and went directional, was a _huge_ mistake. It
 might have been Sanger's mistake. With its relatively loose patterns and 50
 kW full-time signal, WQEW could have quite respectable coverage of metro New
 York if its TX were located in an area of good soil conductivity, which that
 North Jersey area most definitely is and Queens most definitely is not. >>

The book is a chronicle of Mr. Sanger's years at WQXR, which spanned four
decades.  I'll check out my copy of the book and re-read to see if I can find
the information.  My guess is that the Queens site might have been an
original site, but I'll get back to you.  The book has a bit of information
about the old WQXR Network, which has been mentioned previously on this
mailing list.  The network extended to Poughkeepsie, Albany, Cherry Valley,
Utica, DeRuyter, Ithaca, Hornell, and Niagra Falls (slowly I turn...)

Rick Kelly