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At 08:30 PM 7/12/97 +0000, you wrote:

>My guess is that the Queens site might have been an
>original site, but I'll get back to you.  The book has a bit of information
>about the old WQXR Network, which has been mentioned previously on this
>mailing list.  The network extended to Poughkeepsie, Albany, Cherry Valley,
>Utica, DeRuyter, Ithaca, Hornell, and Niagra Falls (slowly I turn...)

Absolutely. The Queens site is the original WQXR site, as far as I know. I
think somebody at the station must have been in love with the site, and the
fact that the station owned the land free and clear probably helped to sway
management. I have not been able to ascertain whether WQXR filed for its
power increase before or after the original application for WJDM Elizabeth
was filed. If WJDM filed first, it would explain why WQXR kept the Queens
site. WQEW's day pattern is a significantly detuned cardioid on a due
north-south axis with the equivalent of 10 kW to the south. It could be that
the pattern is like this for reasons unrelated to WJDM (that is, WJDM could
have simply availed itslef of the protection afforded by WQXR's pattern).
Or, the pattern might have been foced on WQXR by the need to protect WJDM.
WQEW's QTH is such that downtown Manhattan and all of Brooklyn get a daytime
signal equivalent to 10 kw or a bit more. But my listening in the northwest
Bronx suggests that the signal there is below 5 mV/m, which is the lower
limit for AM city-grade service.

As for the 'QXR network, I remember it well. But I don't recall affiliates
in Poughkeepsie or Hornell. The other places, I do remember. Maybe
Poughkeepsie and Hornell joined the network after I moved to Boston.

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