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Re: June 9 1948 Newspapers

On Mon, 14 Jul 1997, Dan Strassberg wrote:

> Either the newspaper was wrong or WMEX was a secondary affiliate, which
> carried programs that WCOP would not clear. I wonder if there were ratings
> in those days and when a program was on WLAW and WCOP which station got the
> higher ratings. For sure, WLAW had a _much_ better signal on the North Shore
> and even right in the City of Boston. Also, with WEEI-590 as the CBS
> affiliate, I'd think that a lot of people would never have tuned their
> radios up beyond WBZ. Well, maybe some did; WNAC was past WCOP. But still,
> as the affiliate of the weakest network, Mutual, WNAC couldn't have been a
> huge draw.

WNAC is the station my mother had on all the time.  It may not have had
the strongest network, but it was strong on local programming, and Yankee
Network news.  My mother turned it on every morning at breakfast to hear
Bill Hahn, "Your knight of the breakfast table," with news and weather
forcasts.  On Saturday morning, we listened to Frank Luthor.  When I was
home from school due to sickness, my mother would put a radio in my room,
and it usually stayed on WNAC all day.

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