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WBZ-TV/Channel 4

     Obviously, WBZ-TV started on June 9, 1948 as an NBC affiliate.  But,
did they also have a secondary affiliation with CBS...and didn't Channel
7 (WNAC-TV) have secondary CBS and DuMont at the same time back in the
beginning ?  I do know that Channel 56 came to the air as a DuMont primary
and secondary ABC in 1953, leaving Channel 7 as CBS primary and ABC
    ABC-TV was the "poor-man's" network at that time, finding it VERY
HARD to line up affiliates since most of the major cities were already
lined up with NBC, CBS and DuMont Netowrks.  When DuMont ceased network
operations in 1956, the majority of the DuMont affiliates switched to
ABC...which gave that beleaguered network the "shot-in-the-arm" it
so desperately needed.  The DuMont O+O's switched to independent status.
Eventually they were sold to a new group called Metropolitan Broadcasting.
We eventually knew it to become "Metromedia".  These Metromedia stations
would become the foundation of the FOX Network when Metromedia sold the
whole ball of wax to Rupert Murdoch.  In essence, you could say that
FOX is the resurrection of the DuMont Network....some thirty years

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