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Re: New "improved" WEEI signal

> Is it possible that they can't bump the night power back up to 50kw by
> control?   ---and that they are too unimaginative to send someone out to
> tower site twice a day to do a manual power change?
> ----jibguy

Doesn't seem like all that long ago that 850 had a 'resident' engineer
onsite most or all of the time.  Wasn't one of them Al Carp?

There was a radio engineer, Mel deJager (now deceased) who recounted a
number of radio stories to me about the very early radio years when, before
any peak limiting or processing, he would be responsible for "riding the
levels" to keep peaks WNL (human peak limiter!)  And people complain about
competitive loudness - I would imagine the old system had an average level
of -5dB on a good day (with a good engineer  ;-)