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Re: FW: Oops 7/4 and no respect for history

> To put it another way, if the USS Constitution had been scrapped in 1915
> and replaced with a steel-hulled ship which in 1954 was to be renamed the
> USS Mel Karmazin and sold in 1960 to the Guatemalan navy, why would the
> Guatemalan crew of today's El Carmazino be interested in celebrating the
> 200th anniversary of the launching of the original frigate?> 
> Rob Landry
> umar@wcrb.com

Thanks for putting it in a way we could all understand.  Without that
Carmizan connection, the USS Constitution would have only been, well, just
an old boat.  

Or, one could just frigate the whole thing.  Which brings us right back to
the original observation.  Oh, never mind.